Established in 1989, Sharp Industries has over the decades, built up a formidable asset of knowledge & experience in the field of design, manufacturing & re-conditioning of Carbide, PCD & PCBN Cutting Tools. Our exports to countries like Japan & USA have given us a vast experience & knowledge to the technology & quality as per global standards.


To be the market leaders in providing Customized & Application Specific solutions in Carbide, PCD & PCBN Cutting Tools along with the standard products to the manufacturing industry.


To ensure continual growth by delivering excellent customer service, superior quality products, innovative designs & everlasting commitment towards customer satisfaction.


Being an ISO 9001 certified company, we implement quality management systems at every stage of tool design & manufacturing. In-process inspection ensures quality at each step of the manufacturing processes. Traceability & identification of each tool is ensured by laser marking.


CNC non-contact vision inspection machine from Zoller (Germany) and Walter (Germany), ensures close tolerances on the cutting tools. 100% inspection of all tools before delivery, is our commitment to the customers for uninterrupted performance of our products. Our products integrate excellent craftsmanship and innovation, which results in time saving and profitable solutions for our customers.


We team up with our customers in the development of their specific application based solutions through our proven practical knowledge and creative ideas. The success of our customers is the utmost important factor in ensuring our growth and success. We together with our competent sales staff strive for a longterm relation with our customers and suppliers based on a spirit of partnership.


  • Design and Engineering: Our dedicated design and engineering team provides solution in different tool materials like Solid Carbide, Carbide Lugged, Carbide Tipped, Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) & Polycrystalline Cubic Boron Nitride (PCBN).
  • Manufacturing: Skilled & experienced team of tool makers are equipped with sophisticated 3D simulation softwares. CNC Grinding machines are the key to precision & consistency in our cutting tools. Grinding machines of international repute from makers like Walter (Germany), Ewag (Switzerland) and Wirecut machine from Fanuc (JAPAN) for PCD & PCBN cutting & profiling are the backbone of our tool manufacturing facility.
  • Reconditioning: Reconditioning of all types of Carbide, PCD & PCBN cutting tools is our commitment towards customer service and environment.
  • Coating: We use the latest coating technology to enhance cutting tool life and productivity for all applications. Low-friction coatings are extremely wear-resistant and chemically inert. Thermal stability, hot hardness and oxidation resistance of the coating, makes the tool work without adversely affecting the cutting edges.